Herbs for Cancer Cures - Fact or Fiction ?

Posted by Chanda Ziegler on

Welcome to our latest blog!

My hope is to provide you with sound advice & some common sense guidelines for buying & using herbs and herbal products. The FDA ( The U.S Food & Drug Admin) have few regulations concerning herbal supplements, which some say, leaves the jury out on whats safe for you and what possible risks you may be facing. For this to be a valid argument one would have to assume they have a properly regulated FDA that has the peoples interest ( You!) at heart.

If the Pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) had their way, they would have all of your herbs, vitamins & supplements, pulled from retail shelves and write you a prescription for every ache, pain, ailment, sniffle, or stubbed toe. Will the day come when you need a prescription for an evening cup of relaxing green tea? Will your herb garden be considered regulated medicine? Should we really release control of this industry to our government and extensions such as the FDA?

Consider that on a regular basis the FDA approves the sale of harmful drugs, pesticides, GMO products and foods very high in carcinogens yet both the FDA and Big Pharma may show concern over you taking too much Vitamin C from a natural plant? These people want you to believe that you are not capable of taking care of your own body on even the most basic level! Please, DON'T buy into these fear inducing institutions! Most of us are quite responsible for our own health and educate ourselves as needed to live a long, happy and healthy life.

In 2015, herbal product sales totaled a whopping $6.92 billion in the U.S and continue to grow. Herbs now seem to have the ability to cure the common cold, depression and cancer! Ha Ha.........whoaa.....are you paying attention? What did I just say? Don't stop reading....that was simply sarcasm, but, feel free to open another browser and type in "Cancer cures" , "depression cures", or "cures" for the common cold. In doing so you will read about many miracle cures, long lost remedies, grandma's cure all, the Indians medicine garden, and the list goes on. Not all, but many of these people have your WALLET at heart and have no idea if their claims are true and have no scientific medical studies to make such outrageous claims. Remember this is a billion dollar industry that attracts the investments of both honest and shady business men all across the globe!

So who and what are you and I to believe? If we can't rely on the FDA and can't trust corporate regulation of the supplement industry, then you have only one real option if you care about you and your families health. Do your own RESEARCH! Take a stand against these dishonest people! The internet is an amazing tool and you have an entire world of real facts and real research at your fingertips! Use these resources! There are University publishing's, scientific articles, newsgroups and thousands of websites waiting for you to discover the truth and allow you to make informed decisions. Don't just read one article, or even two or three. Really learn about the herb or supplement you are interested in. Don't take my word, or their words, take your own words after you educate yourself.

Since the FDA cannot effectively monitor themselves and the supplement industry has no real monitoring at all, it is all up to you! Take control, get in the drivers seat, continue educating yourself and share your information with others! Herbs and supplements are an effective, natural way to assist your body with many ailments but you are ultimately the decision maker, on your journey to TAME THE SPIRIT!

That is the TRUTH about herbs!

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