Why Choose "Tame the Spirit" Brand ?

Well.....I could make you a dozen promises, the same promises you have heard again and again I'm sure. The same promises that may be meaningless to you based on your life experiences dealing with many businesses.

So...after 15 minutes sitting here at my desk this is really all I can come up with. The truth is I dislike marketing and have spent more time this morning enjoying my coffee and gazing out the window than trying to figure out a way to convince you to " Choose us". My attention seems to be focused on the many species of birds outside and why they decided to "choose us". They are simply beautiful and amazing. As I type I am asking myself why do the birds "Choose" my yard everyday? My competition is fierce, after all, I live on the side of a Mountain in Eastern Kentucky, just minutes from the Daniel Boone National Forest. This is where the birds belong, with an abundance of trees, shrubs, flowers and seeds to provide them year around. So I keep asking myself, why do these birds consistently come back to My House when they have all this abundance around them? What do I do for them? How do I gain their trust? Why do more and more birds keep coming here?

My apologies if my bird analogy seems a bit odd, but it somehow seems appropriate. I don't imagine you to be a bird but....

The simple truth is - We Take Care of our birds!  Rain, Snow or Shine we provide them with everything they need. Food, shelter, treats and an occasional rescue. We are consistent, reliable and efficient and I believe most species tend to trust us. Lastly, I sense the birds somehow know and understand our relationship. So, like the birds, we believe our relationship with you should provide the same depth. It should be experienced outside the everyday normal world of business. Each customer unique, with needs to be met. Our relationships with you will consist of sincerity, honesty and respect, Just Like the Birds!