Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder - "Tame the Spirit Herbs, Spices & Teas"

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Cascara Sagrada,

Frangula purshiana,

Plant Family: Rhamnaceae,

Used as an herbal Laxitive ,herbal cleanse and herbal detox.

Spanish for “sacred bark”, the dried bark of Cascara Sagrada is native to the western U.S and has been used as a laxative for centuries by Native Americans and European/U.S. colonizers. It is often found along streams in moist forests and valleys. The herbal use is mainly found in the bark which is harvested in the spring when it easily peels from the tree. The bark then must be aged for at least 1 year before use. This is very important! Fresh bark WILL cause vomiting and violent diarrhea!

The chemicals primarily responsible for the laxative action are the hydroxyanthracene glycosides, which includes cascarosides A, B, C, and D.

At one time Cascara was approved by the FDA for use in over the counter medicine although lack of funding by manufacturers halted research, the research which is needed by the FDA to continue to license as medicine. Without further research this popular herb was pulled from retail shelves and can now only be purchased in its original herbal form.

Cascara Sagrada is also used as a flavoring agent in foods such as desserts, candy, and baked goods.

Note: Our Bark ( Tame the Spirit Brand) is all natural, safe, effective and has aged for at least 18 months!  We will also include a really cool, custom made, laminated index card that references your herb. It is yours FREE and a great way to reference your herbs.

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