Cedar Leaf - Juniperus virginiana, Fresh Cut Juniper Herb

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Cedar Leaf,

 Juniperus virginiana,

Eastern Red Cedar Tree foliage smells wonderful and makes a great addition to potpourri and/or sachets. Cedar leaf tips are also used for various herbal remedies.

Wild Harvested on the " Tame the Spirit " Farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. No smog, no pollution and rich, nutrient filled soil provide the perfect environment for harvesting all natural, non GMO, wild herbs.

The identification and correct names for Cedar Trees can be confusing. In reality they are not Cedar Trees at all, but are Juniper Trees ( Juniperus virginiana ).

  The Eastern Red Cedar Tree is an Evergreen with a strong, pleasing aroma. The tree will range in height from 30 to 90ft tall with wide variations from one area to the next. Pale blue fruits, referred to as Juniper Berries, occur on female trees. They are actually not berries at all but the first stage of pine cone formation.

If you plan to use our Cedar Tips as an herb we strongly suggest studying the effects of the Cedar tea, oils and consumables. Only use in moderation.

Your Cedar will be cut fresh from our Kentucky, farm raised trees upon placing your order.  Packaged in a sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back! 

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