Chicken of the Woods Mushroom - Powdered Wild Mushroom

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Chicken of the Woods,

Botanical Name: Laetiporus sulphureus,

Also known as Sulphur shelf or Chicken Mushroom.

Found Growing in Hard Wood Forests throughout North America, Chicken of the woods appears mostly on decaying stumps and down trees, mid summer through late fall. It is considered a delicacy and can usually only be purchased through specialty stores or herbalists.

We dry and package our mushrooms in a licensed FDA approved Facility in Mount Vernon, Kentucky.

Wild Harvested, Summer of 2021. Foraged in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. No smog, no pollution and rich, nutrient filled soil provide the perfect environment for harvesting all natural, non GMO, Wild Herbs, spices and Mushrooms. Our Chicken of the woods is 100% powdered mushroom. No additives, your mushroom powder comes direct from the forest!

Sun dried and powdered to a light fluffy texture. Chicken of the Woods Mushroom is excellent cooked in with Soups and Marinades. Use as a spice on Vegetables, Meats and Poultry. One of my favorite ways to use is simply sprinkled on hamburgers. (Note: Always cook the Mushroom powder in with your meal) . Wild Mushrooms should always be cooked before ingesting.

It takes about 10 ounces of fresh mushrooms to make one ounce dried, so... a little goes a long way! Use sparingly until you get a feel for using Chicken of the Woods.

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