White Copal Incense Powder - Wild Harvested Copal Resin

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Copal Resin,

Bursera fagaroides,

Copal Resin is an all natural incense derived from the Buresa family of Trees. Used in healing ceremonies, meditation, cleansing rituals, Pow Wows, Shaman Healing, and  deep relaxation techniques. Its use dates back thousands of years in different prehispanic sites.

Copal resin has an uplifting scent, native to Mexico and South America, its positive energy is believed to be responsible for inspiration, serenity, joy and peace. The use of the scent has played a major role in many religious and occult practices throughout the world. Copal Resin uses are as diverse as the sacred native forests it thrives in. There is a place for this scent in everyone's heart!

Organic Copal resin is sufficient for making scented tinctures by doing a simple alcohol extraction. It is not recommended to use on skin as it will leave a sticky residue and will dry the skin out.

Copal resin is a hard, hot burning resin and must be used in a safe incense burner capable of burning charcoal. Small burners can be purchased on the internet for a few dollars as well as small amounts of charcoal. This incense will not burn correctly without using charcoal. If you enjoy incense and have never used resins you are in for a real treat! Note: A little goes a long way! The enjoyable scent can quickly become overwhelming should you use too much, so use the resin sparingly.

Occult, Witchcraft and Magic folklore uses - Associated with protection, cleansing, positive energy and purification. Used in various organic herb magic spells. Used in love mixtures, mojo bags, amulets, jars and charms. A commonly used organic herb for rituals, ceremonies and magick spells among alternative religious practices.

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