Gypsum Selenite Crystals - Rough Cut

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Gypsum Selenite Crystals,

Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. Gypsum will crystalize as translucent crystals of selenite. The crystals form as an evaporite mineral and as a hydration product of anhydrite. Gypsum is a common mineral, having abundant, thick and extensive evaporite beds in direct relation with sedimentary rocks.
Deposits have been known to occur in strata from as far back as the Archaean eon.

The mineral Selenite has been used in spiritual settings and rituals for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In spiritual context the Crystals are used for cleansing and insight to remove negative energy.

It is believed to receive healing energy from the moonlight.
May the Angels always guide your journey!

Occult, Witchcraft and Magic folklore uses - Associated with Archangels, protection, cleansing, positive energy, ego death, death, acceptance and purification. Used in various magick spells. Used in love mixtures, mojo bags, amulets, jars and charms. A commonly used mineral crystal for rituals, ceremonies and magic spells among alternative religious practices.

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