Tangerine Peel - Dried Herb

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Tangerine Peel - Dried Herb,

Citrus tangerina,

Tangerine peel is edible & nutritious, adding a nice citrus flavor and aroma to Herbal Tea, Asian Cuisine and seafood. Dried Tangerine Peel is used in tea blends as well as sachets and Potpourri Blends. The peel can also be used in baked goods, Herbal fruit drinks, organic Soap & various Herbal cosmetics. Whoever thought Tangerine had so many uses!

Our Tangerine Peel is hand harvested. Grown with care on a small Farm here in the United States. Non GMO, all natural with no preservatives. We keep it " Wild" so you can keep it Healthy!

Dried Herbs packaged in sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back!

Tangerine peel has high amounts of Pectin. Pectin acts as a prebiotic encouraging the growth of helpful probiotics in the large and small intestine. In addition, Tangerine peel is very rich in fiber which helps release the bodies natural waste. Various cultures throughout history have used Tangerine Peel for a wide variety of health issues, mainly gastrointestinal issues.

The high Citrus content in Tangerines, in addition to providing an ample supply of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and pectin, contains a host of active phytochemicals that are high in antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory compounds.

Dried Tangerine peel will be an exciting, healthy addition to your custom Tea Blends, Citrus Drinks, Seafood Recipes and natural cosmetics.

Occult, Witchcraft and Magic folklore uses - Associated with love, divination, luck and money. Used in various herbal magick spells. A commonly used magic herb among alternative religious practices.

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