Virginia bluebells Seeds - Grow Your own Herbs!

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Virginia bluebells Seeds,

Mertensia virginica,

Spice up your landscape decor or Wildflower Garden with these beautiful flowers from nature! Nothing beyond a little work and basic Gardening skills required! Your Wildflower Garden Plants will become your favorite hobby and will thrive with a little love and care!

One of the most beautiful spring species of North American Wild flower plants are Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica). They are in the family Boraginaceae, making them relatives of other familiar species like Forget-me-not, Lungwort, and Comfrey.
Bluebells will thrive in well-drained soils forming large colonies of beauty! Bee's and butterflies love these flowers from nature! The flowers will last for many weeks in early spring, then go dormant by mid-summer. Virginia Bluebells prefer soils typical of a woodland - a little on the wet side.

STRATIFICATION NEEDED - To stratify your Wild Virginia bluebell Seeds, place the container in the refrigerator in some moistened peat, sand or paper towel in a closed container or sealed plastic bag. Store seeds this way for 60-90 days. Keep moist/damp but not wet.

Growing your plants or flower garden from seed not only saves a ton of money, it is the most rewarding as well! Gardeners should understand that most plants have built in dormancy mechanisms that will prevent the wild flower seed from germinating until the time is right ( nature's time). This amazing feature prevents a population of plants from germinating all at once, before killing frosts, or in times of drought. To germinate native plants, a gardener needs to break this dormancy period before the seeds will sprout.

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