Eleutherococcus Root powder

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Eleutherococcus Root,

 Eleutherococcus senticosus,

E. Senticosus belongs to the same family as Panax ginseng (Araliceae). The two medicinal herbs share many of the same medicinal qualities being they are both considered adaptogen compounds. The dried herb can be used in herbal tea, herbal tinctures, salves or can be powdered and encapsulated.

The benefits of organic Eleutherococcus Root were not discovered until a major shortage in Ginseng. This caused scientists to actively seek out plant compounds with similar qualities.

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Interestingly enough Eleutherococcus Root used to be called "Siberian ginseng" in the herbal market. In 2002, the U.S prohibited using the term “ginseng” for any plant that doesn’t contain ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are unique to strains of Ginseng although the Eleutherococcus Root  contains glycosides with very similar properties.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the herb is known as is known as "Ci wu jia" The plant grows in coniferous mountain forests, in low undergrowth and usually found in groups. The herbal plant is not picky about soil quality. Growing in nearly any type of dirt including clay filled soil with both high and low acidity.

The active compounds found in Eleutherococcus include  lignans, sesamin,, syringaresinol, phenylpropanes, coumarins, beta-sitosterol and daucosterol.

Occult, Witchcraft and Magic folklore uses - Associated with spells of love, healing and protection. Used in various herbal magic spells. Used in love mixtures, mojo bags, amulets, jars and charms. A commonly used organic herb for rituals, ceremonies and magick spells among alternative religious practices.

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