Jewelweed - Wild Harvest from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains

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Jewelweed, Wild Harvest,

  Impatiens capensis,

Used for making organic Jewelweed Soap, Jewelweed Salve, tinctures, oils, sprays and lotions. You can also make a Jewel weed extract to obtain the wild essential oil inside the plants stems and leaves.

Wild Harvested on the " Tame the Spirit " Farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. No smog, no pollution and rich, nutrient filled soil provide the perfect environment for harvesting all natural, non GMO, wild herbs.

Packaged in sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back! As shown in our pictures, we also include a really cool, custom made, laminated index card that references your herb. It is a great way to reference your herbs.

 Jewel Weed is an annual plant native to North America. It is common in damp, well drained soils near natural drain ditches, and along creeks.The Jewel Weed plant is known by many common names including orange jewelweed, common jewelweed, spotted jewelweed, and touch-me-not.

The Jewelweed plant has a unique way of disbursing it's seeds. Small, spungy, seed pods develop and swell until they "pop" scattering the seeds as far away as 6 feet or more. Touching the pods when they are fully swelled will result in the premature "pop" and is always a favorite activity for children learning these plants.

Jewel weed can be used on site, and will often grown near Stingweed. Smashing Jewelweed stems and leaves in the hands produces a juice, a near water like substance that is great for washing your hands and soothing the skin for various ailments ( like stingweed welts). If you spend time in the woods, this is a plant to get familiar with and educate your friends and family. It is such a fun and useful plant!

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