Kale Powder

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Kale Powder,

Brassica Oleracea,

If there ever were a green vegetable worthy of being placed in the " Superfoods " category, Kale wins hands down! Kale is loaded with Vitamin A, K, Vitamin C, B6, Folate, manganese, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin E and many dietary minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Kale is also loaded with phytonutrient carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

How do you use Organic Kale powder? Kale powder can be sprinkled in with warm foods, on salads or the most nutritional use, making Kale Juice or Smoothies with other dried fruit, veggies or organic herbs.

Our Powdered Kale is organically grown, harvested, naturally dried and powdered here in Eastern Kentucky. We use NON GMO seed and no pesticides. Always unprocessed with no additives or preservatives. We keep it " Wild" so you can keep it Healthy!

Dried Herbs packaged in sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back!

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