Ox-Eye Daisy - Field Daisy, Wild Harvested Herbal Tea from the Appalachian Mountains

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Ox-Eye Daisy,

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum,

Family: Asteraceae,

Used in, infusions, lotions, salves, ointments, potpourri, bath sachets and Wedding Decor.

Our image shows our fresh picked flowers before being carefully dried for use. They are then sealed in a retail foil pouch for freshness.

 Very Fresh 2021 harvest!  Guaranteed fresh or your money back!

Note: If used as an herbal tea it is suggested this is mixed with a less bitter herb. Ox-eye Daisy has great Herbal qualities, but again, can be very bitter.

Ox-eye Daisy is a less common Herb but has the same herbal qualities as many of our favorite herbs such as chamomile. It is usually used as part of an herbal mixture, mixing it in with other herbs or flowers for teas, sachets, potpourri and wedding decor. Potpourri mixes with Rose Petals and Daisies are a popular mix!

Native to Europe, Ox-eye Daisy is now widespread across the U.S and considered invasive in some areas. Regardless, we always look forward to this beautiful summer flower here in our Kentucky Fields!

All aerial parts of the plant are edible, the stalk, leaves and flowers. The flowers can be pickled for storage or dried for use as a spice in the kitchen or oils and lotions for cosmetics.

A creative wedding may find ox-eye Daisy on Tables or floating in decorative water bowls and fountains.

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