Sea Salt - Evaporated Sea Water

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Sea Salt,

Salts are a form of Sodium Chloride. Sea salt is gathered from the evaporation of seawater rather than by being extracted from sedimentary deposits. Most table salts require mining or even strip mining which is obviously destructive to our environment. Unethical harvesting destroys natural lands, pollutes nearby waters and in some countries involves the use of child labor.

Commercial processing of Salts (and many foods) destroys many of the naturally occurring trace minerals which the human body requires.  Our bodies should be presented with pure, unaltered, natural substances. Our Sea Salt is all natural and produced in the United States.


Despite the fact that chefs prefer cooking with Sea Salt opposed to sedimentary salts, using Sea Salt will slow the destruction of our planet, keep our drinking water clean and in some countries,keep children out of these dangerous mines. Using Sea Salt will also give your body the natural trace elements found in salts.

Besides being used in the Kitchen, Sea Salt is the perfect choice for soothing baths. Salt baths have a drying effect on the skin which may ease the discomfort from acne, eczema, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and psoriasis.

Want to enjoy a spa-like experience at home? Simply add Sea Salts to still water baths or even better, a Jacuzzi tub and enjoy all the same benefits of a professional spa!

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