Violet Leaf - Appalachian Mountains Wild Harvest

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Violet Leaf,

 Viola odorate,

The common Blue Violet makes excellent Violet Tea or Violet Extract. Both the tea and the extracts will provide all the herbal benefits of this amazing fresh herb! Violet Tincture and salve can also easily be made and provide the topical benefits of the herb.  

Packaged in sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back! 

The Viola genus contains over 500 species mostly found in the temperate climates of the world. Most of them can be used as medicinal herbs or culinary herbs. The common blue violet is native to most of central and eastern North America. Along with the dandelions, chickweed and ground Ivy, Violets are one of our first spring flowers in the Eastern United States.

The Violet is not particular on where it grows, loving waste areas, fields, lawns, and even cracks in sidewalks. It is considered a weed to those who have no knowledge of this amazing plant. Blue Violets are an excellent food, a natural healing herb and a beautiful flower to make us smile!

As a culinary herb, Violet leaves can be used in salads, soups, pesto and make an excellent garnish brightening up any dish! Try grounding your Violet leaves for an excellent and unique, mild spice!

 Occult and Magick folklore uses - Associated with love and protection. Used in various herbal magick spells. A commonly used magic herb among alternative religious practices.

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