White Oak Bark - Wild Crafted Herbs from foothills of the Appalachian Mountains

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White Oak Bark, Wild Crafted Herbs,

 Quercus alba,

White Oak Bark can be used as an organic herbal tea, made into herbal salve, tinctures, ointments or herbal extracts for use with organic cosmetics.

For many centuries the oak tree has been worshiped for it's association with ancient gods and cultures. For many societies the tree played an important role in herbal medicine and is still used today for it's many herbal benefits!

Wild Harvested on the " Tame the Spirit " Farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. No smog, no pollution and rich, nutrient filled soil provide the perfect environment for harvesting all natural, non GMO, wild herbs.

Our Wild Harvested Herbs are always packaged in sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back! 

 The White Oak Tree is native to the eastern United States. A common tree growing 80-100 feet tall with a grayish/white bark, hence it was named White Oak. A highly respected tree among Native Americans, even worshiped by some tribes.

 Organic White Oak Bark consists of 15- 20% tannins as well as additional nutrients including potassium, iron and vitamin B12. White Oak bark herb is highly astringent as well as antiseptic, diuretic and anti-parasitic.

Occult, Witchcraft, Magick Herbs and folklore uses - Used in various herbal magic spells including Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca and Witchcraft. Used in love mixtures, mojo bags, amulets, jars and charms. A commonly used organic herb for rituals, ceremonies and magick spells among alternative religious practices.

The leaves, twigs, bark and Acorns were used as good luck charms to fight drought, forest fires and retain good health. At one time it was considered a crime to cut down an oak, which would destroy the oak spirit which lived inside the tree.

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