Wild Basil - Foraged in the Appalachian Mountains

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Wild Basil,

 Clinopodium vulgare,

Wild Basil Herb is used for making Wild Basil Tea, Wild Basil Tinctures and Wild Basil Extracts. There are many additional uses for Wild Basil including a wide variety of culinary uses as well as extracting the essential oil. Wild Basil has a mild scent and flavor in comparison to modern day farmed varieties.
A wild relative of the basil we use in our kitchens, whilst it isn't as pungent and only slightly aromatic,
it's herbal uses are many!

"Tame the Spirit" Dried Herbs are always Farm Grown, Wild Harvested or organic, using NON GMO seed and no unhealthy pesticides. Always unprocessed with no additives or preservatives. We keep it " Wild" so you can keep it Healthy!

Bulk Herbs Packaged in sealed retail foil pouch, always guaranteed fresh or your money back! As shown in our pictures, you can also download a really cool, Herb Preparation Worksheet with each order!

Wild basil is a herbaceous wildflower in the mint family (Lamiaceae). (mint) family.
As nearly all mints, wild basil has a variety of medicinal qualities.
The compounds in Wild Basil are astringent, cardiotonic, carminative, diaphoretic and expectorant. A cup of Basil Tea will deliver Vitamins, minerals and many beneficial Micro-nutrients. Wild Basil Tea has a unique light flavor, with a mild Aroma and pleasant aftertaste.

Organic Wild Basil Leaf is rich in natural compounds. The chemical composition of wild basil includes over 40 compounds, among which are the essential oils germacrene-D, B-caryophyllene and B-caryophyllene oxide, as well as the compounds thymol, s-Terpinene and p-cymen.

Wiccan Herbs, Occult uses, Witchcraft and Magickal Herb properties - Associated with success, peace, protection, happiness, purification, tranquility, and love. Used in a variety of spells and rituals.

Give Wild Basil a try, it is truly a gift from nature!

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